Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Learnig Haskell

I have recently taken to this language. Seems interesting. Functional programming is a very natural style to solve certain problems. Besides, it has certain other useful benefits such as having no side effects. There only problem is, there is only one way to learn a new language,however.

You have to write a non-trivial program in it. I on the other hand hate doing anything which seems remotely repetitive. Now that I think of it, I learnt C++ while aiming to write a good calculator program. I ultimately wrote it, but it was hardly fit for day to day use. I learnt Python after falling in love with it and then beginning to use it in my data parsing scripts. FORTRAN, ha, I just somehow hammered it it in to my skull.

I am really looking forward to solving a non-trivial problem in Haskell. Sure, I'll get lots of tutorials, books for it. But I think I am not going to get it unless I write something of moderate size in Haskell, and not by just transcribing C to Haskell.

Looking forward to that problem.

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Stef Joosten said...

My name is Stef Joosten. I am a professor at the Open University of the Netherlands. Here is a nontrivial problem. I am curious whether you can solve it.

The program "graphviz" (by ATT Bell labs) visualizes graphs. The pictures it generates are cleverly built, but they are not very beautiful. I wonder whether Haskell can do a better job...