Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tech Wishlist

Here's my wishlist, more or less in descending order. After all, I can dream, can't I?

1. Better broadband service from MTNL. Right now, you can rest assured that you will get no more than 10 minutes of continuous access interspersed with an hour's down time.

2. Fully featured open source drivers for graphics cards from nVidia and AMD (the AMD side should come true soon).

3. Better developer tools for their GPU's for GPGPU purposes from AMD.

4. Cheaper FPGA dev kits with higher gate densities.

5. User assemble-able laptops just like PC's.

6. Google opening one of it's many data centres in India.

7. Completely hackable RSX on PS3 with linux.

8. Hobbyist hackable soc's like nvidia's APX 2500. User moddable devices that use them will do too. (in fact they are preferable)

I will post details about my wishes, and the why of my wishlist, in upcoming posts.

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