Friday, July 25, 2008

Wish 1

I was myself surprised when I realized how bad service I was getting when came back home. It is really horrible. Ok, speeds haven't improved but the reliability was much better earlier. 256k seems awfully slow after experiencing first world internet access in Germany. When you serve that with a service that gives at best 10 minutes of continuous access, I would throw up any time.

Our situation in wired internet is not going to improve until we start enforcing unbundling. We need competition to improve our market situation. Internet is better in Europe than in USA because of unbundling. I am afraid that's not going to happen any time soon here.

Today, I can comfortably say that mobile phone has become a necessity. As a country we need to take steps to make broadband internet the next necessity. Our unique status gives us an opportunity to bypass 3G networks entirely and straight away build 4G networks today. True, LTE isn't availaible today, but then we shouldnt wait for it's standardization either. We need to start deploying WiMax now.

Unfortunately, that's not what we are doing today.

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