Saturday, September 6, 2008

India's Breakout Moment

Ladies and gentlemen, India's breakout moment has arrived. It's fitting that it arrives less than a month after Beijing Olympics. It's a very happy feeling that we are sitting at the world's highest tables today. In 1998, we were abused, screamed at, called names, sought to be punished (with economic sanctions). in 2008, we are a fully paid up lifetime member of the very same club. It is fitting that the country that built an technology jail for us has torn it down after 34 years.

In this hypocrite world, the only language that is understood is the language of power. As has been said very eloquently, samrath ko nahin dos gusain. In english, the powerful are not capable of doing any wrongs. In 1998, we seen as a danger to world peace and stability. In 2008, nobody dared cross our path as we rewrote a 40 year old treaty signed by the ~190 countries on our terms. The icing on the cake is that we are still out of that treaty!. What's the difference between then and now? India's march ahead is seen as inevitable. And when a 1.2 billion heavy elephant puts on weight and starts building up momentum, people think twice before getting in the way.

As for the non-proliferation pricks/ayatollahs/hypocrites, NPT has been blown apart from inside, not outside. The biggest dangers to it lie inside. China, North Korea, Iran have systematically shredded it.

After following insane policies for 40 odd years, we are now well on our way to achieve our rightful place in the world. Sure, we have almost infinite capacity to screw it all up, but still, this gives me renowned hope that in my lifetime atleast, we will be able to stand up to anybody else in the world with pride.

I hope this turns out to be our inflection point. Watch out world, India is about to gatecrash your party (on the time scale of couple of decades that is). In it's own style.

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