Saturday, September 13, 2008


Exams finished yesterday. I have a some good news and some disappointing news. The good news is that I got swig to almost work. Just two small routines left to write and then I should be on my way to C/C++ and Python nirvana. Big deal, you may very well ask.

It's a very big deal for me because I have an established track record of getting stuck in so called one-time-tasks. You just do them once in your life, sort of foundation stone laying ceremony for something. They bite me especially. Rest of the folks would just do it and forget all about it. Not me though. Anyway the good news is that right now the stuff seems to be working fine.

The disappointing news is that 4870x2 is not supported by AMD sdk. WHY??? Of all stupidities, why this one. It's the fastest card in your line up for christ's sake. Poor guy.

Checked out the v1.2 of AMD's Stream SDK. It was horrible. Again. Brook+ now supports ints, but their FP matrix multiply routine still uses floats as counters. While their int based matrix multiply routine uses ints as counters. Not much improvements in docs. Why haven't they made even this simple a change? New features such as compute shaders, local data share are exposedd only in CAL but not in Brook+. It seems that AMD is focussing their efforts on building CAL as a reliable foundation for future releases (aka OpenCL and DX11 compute shaders) and has totally ditched adding new features in Brook+.

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