Thursday, December 25, 2008

2008: A Review

Today as I sit down to write this, one thought runs through my mind. That this is the year of change. Sure, stuff changes all the time and

Change is the only constant.

Yet I cannot shake off the feeling that this year, somehow, more things seem to have hanged than they usually do. Moreover, I see the changes in trends not just in new incidents. To summarize, (in no particular order)

1. GPGPU went mainstream. It got lots of attention from the tech press. I too read some stuff about programmable graphics pipeline. OpenCL spec was released, which I am sure is just the catalyst needed for gpu's to come in their own.

2. I wrote a program in two different languages, ie Python and C++. I suffered a lot on the way, but I had an optimized, vectorized (in parts) and cache aware BFS ready when I was done. And yes, I learnt about valgrind along the way.

3. India made history in many ways. We landed on the moon, had our best Olympics ever, had our break-out moment and won emphatically in Australia. Today, I see India, Australia and South Africa as forming a triad which will compete for the No. 1 slot into the next year.

4. Obama became the US president. It just had to make the list. And you know what it means.

5. I got an opportunity to go abroad (which is a first in my family), so a big deal for me.

6. The war on terror started going right for US and upside down for India. Yankees realized that ISI has been milking them all along and is actually busy screwing them royally in Afghanistan. Terror struck India like never before, and that's without 26/11.

7. Public coming out on streets to protest was a welcome change. However, the public anger needs to be better directed if we are to achieve our long term goals.

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