Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lot's of 'em here today.

I came across this site. Hack LLVM from python. Wow. I really liked it. I even went through some of the tutorials up there which tell you how to hack llvm to make your own language. The lexer and the parser I am obviously going to generate using automated tools (if I ever do it). Making AST from parsed input is obviously going to take some doing. But if you can get to LLVM IR, after that it is a joy ride.

Another nice thing about his website is that it is made using asciidoc. I immediately recognized it from it's similiarity to the git documentation. Seems way better suited to generating HTML than LATEX and you can do nice code formatting and insert math formulas.

And the first preview (to my knowledge) of RV740 just got out here. Seems really good. Good luck AMD. And please don't go bankrupt.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

OpenGL Assignment

It's done. I managed to do the whole thing, even as much as for 150% credit, though it is useful only if I am stuck at the borderline. The mid sem was half a washout, but I think he gives papers like this. Of course, there was no time to optimize anything.

After the grades for this come out, I'll post it here depending on how embarrassing was it. :) Though I hope using Python for it wasn't a problem.

Friday, February 20, 2009


The exams are over. But the assignment I referred to here still needs doing. Thank God I have python. With this sword of damocles hanging on my head, all thought of optimization, and writing it as a python extension has gone miles away from my head.

Let's Rock.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Exams, again

Midsems have begun, again. And immediately after them I am supposed to do an assignment for which the specs were changed midway. And now, I have to rewrite it all. I have a few ideas, and hopefully, will be able to implement them in time. Thank God for python, where would I be without you. And yes, atm, the usual aim of having it run blazing fast is out of the window.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

POVray videos

I just made a few videos from my POVray demo. I thought I'll put them up here. So here it is, at 800x600 resolution, encoded at 15 fps.


Wetting my feet

It seems a long while ago that I wanted to learn Haskell. And I haven't made any progress yet. But it seems to be changing. I came across this. It's a very nice book at a cursory glance. And I also got this book from the library. It seems to be pretty good as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

POVray assigment done

The POVray assignment I wrote about earlier is now complete. Got some nice pics out of it. Here's one of them.

Now I am rendering them at higher resolution and will be making a movie out of them. Right now I have made a mpeg-4 one but I am looking to encode them in theora format. FFmpeg, I love you. Though this movie was made with mencoder, they both basically use the libavcodec and libavformat libraries.

It is somewhat surprising that in ray tracing too, texture mapping is used extensively.

Anyways, the pics look pretty cool to me.

And yes, I figured out how to get rid of that irritating warning. Here' how.

In the vfe/unix folder of the source tar ball for unix, there's a file called unixconsole.cpp. IN it, the following code appears,

if (user_code != current_code)


fprintf(stderr, "%s: this pre-release version of POV-Ray for Unix %s\n",PACKAGE,current_week <>);


Comment it out. Afterwards, it will whine about expiring in a while, but those warnings are harmless, it won't come to pass.

Happy ray tracing.