Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lot's of 'em here today.

I came across this site. Hack LLVM from python. Wow. I really liked it. I even went through some of the tutorials up there which tell you how to hack llvm to make your own language. The lexer and the parser I am obviously going to generate using automated tools (if I ever do it). Making AST from parsed input is obviously going to take some doing. But if you can get to LLVM IR, after that it is a joy ride.

Another nice thing about his website is that it is made using asciidoc. I immediately recognized it from it's similiarity to the git documentation. Seems way better suited to generating HTML than LATEX and you can do nice code formatting and insert math formulas.

And the first preview (to my knowledge) of RV740 just got out here. Seems really good. Good luck AMD. And please don't go bankrupt.

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