Thursday, March 12, 2009

Haskell and fractals.

I recently came across Fraqtive. Very nice program. And well optimized and well written too, by the looks of it. It automatically takes care of multithreading and vectorization. And it uses some very nice algorithms to to handle zoom ins etc. The big news for me came when I stumbled across this and realized that it uses template metaprogramming to generate fast C++ code. Bit more googling and what do I find, Haskell bindings for LLVM!!!

I remember that in Lisp one can get access to the code of the functions to manipulate on them. If I can get them in Haskell, it would be great. Generate LLVM code from there, and then run it under a JIT. and after that, send it off to opengl and use shaders to generate nice colors for them....

May be I am getting too ahead of myself. New language, new libraries. May be, I should start from Python first :) But there's no denying that it would make for a very good learning project in Haskell.

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