Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates 2

This month, I have been really bad with my blogging. I did very few updates (in fact, this is the second one this month). But now I hope to turn a corner. The exams are over. The project (Sriram and mine) is done. And I am in the mood for some relaxation now. Though I still can't believe we managed to finish our project some 24 hours before the deadline. I mean, when was the last time it happened?

Never, dude.

We borrowed a lot of code from kgllib. It's a fantastically written llibrary for opengl convenience functions. Too tied to Qt for my taste, but the Qt stuff was easy to remove. Initially, we wrote a lot of nice code, but soon after degenerated into bad programming practices. Global variables all over the place, messy code in between. We avoided the deprected bits of opengl functionality wherever we could, which, IMHO, is a good thing. We had a nice time hunting for segmentation faults, and removing them. :)

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