Friday, June 19, 2009

Why I love Python

Yesterday, my advisor was talking to me. I was telling him about the progress we have made.

Me: This is a python script to drive every thing

Advisor: What is Python?

M: It is a scripting language.

... 5 minutes later

A: Let me look into the script.

.....He reads for a minute or two.

A: Now I see why people program in Python. I can actually understand it.


Monday, June 15, 2009


We lost. :(

But honestly though, we didn't deserve to win considering the way we played. 14 wides, top 4 playing like they are holidaying on a tropical beach, paid for by God know who.

But it keeps up the pattern we have been seeing since 1987. Did well, reached semis. 1991, a disaster. 1996, again reached semis and 1999, made a hash of it all. 2003, reached the finals and in 2007, suffered humiliation at the hands of Bangladesh. In 2007 T20, we actually won for a change, and in 2009..........

We'll lose to SA too on Tuesday, rest assured.

Knives are going to be out for Dhoni and co now, considering the Sehwag fiasco.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reset signals

I had quite a moment today. I have been bamging my head against a problem for quite some time now. Today, it got solved. I had generous help from Michal in it BTW.

The problem. The mother code works uses a active high reset and the module for my chip uses active low. Epic fail!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Software updates and linux distros

Today, I just out of curiosity did a uname -a and gcc -v on th elinux server that cnnects to my hardware. And horror of horrors, what do I find? Gcc 3.4 and kernel 2.6.8. Python v2.3.

Now come on guys. Update your software atleast once a year. I know everyone does not run Gentoo. But still.

Speaking of Gentoo, I must confess that I have been drawn to it. I really need the customizability for some applications/libraries atleast. The usual complaints apply, however. I am told (by some one who is a serious linux pro) that gentoo offers too much choice, such as letting you install a bootloader yourself (aka, not by default).

I am coming around to the view of installing Sabayon and using portage to get my optimization-compilation kick. BTW, IMHO, Sabayon is the coolest looking distribution out there. I have downloaded it's iso, just in case. I'll probably use the lab machine as the guinea pig in this experiment. :)

Honestly though, I think that with a Core i7, compilation would be much less of a problem. I really like hardware multithreading. I think, all new CPU's should have it though. :) Wish AMD will go this route as well.

I have been checking out the portage tree over at and it seems that they have done a really thourough job. I mean, apart from the llvm, vTune and sage, I could find ebuilds for every thing. Even flash, skype, imkl, acml, icc etc. The first two are a mystery, but with sage, I am not surprised. With their philosophy of making a giant static binary (the source tarball is >300M, I think), and bundling all the open source math software ever created (including their shiny python interpreter) into it, I am amazed that somebody managed to get it into Debian. I hope the fedora guys will have some luck as well. But it'll probably will always be way behind on updates.

I'll get the videos done by the weekend hopefully. Promise.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ok, the pics got done earlier than I expected. So enjoy. But the videos will probably take more time.

Pics/videos from Maker's fair 2009

I'll be putting up stuff I grabbed from Maker's Fair 2009. It's gonna take a while, but I really want to annotate the stuff real well so that onlookers have some context around it. Promise.