Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tegra2 netbooks

It seems Tegra2 based netbooks will come out next year. If it has a dual core ARM Cortex A9, running at atleast 1.5 GHz, it'll probably be faster than my present laptop in CPU power. If it has a GPU based on the 9400M chipset, it'll be faster than the gpu in my laptop too, while supporting CUDA, OpenGL 3.2, OpenCL 1.1, WebGL etc. Not to mention that it'll have dedicated hardware for video decode acceleration as well. Tegra1 devices are supposed to be capable of playing back HD video for over 10 hours on a single battery charge. Hell, if this thing can give me 6 hours of HD video playback, I am gonna love it. On a smaller process, it should get more power efficient as well, but that is probably asking for too much. Considering the amount of integration it has, a netbook based on it will likely be cheaper as well... :) :)

If this thing comes with 2GB ram, then I am definitely gonna pick one up. With Chrome OS, it could prove mighty useful as well.

4GB ram is highly unlikely since ARM doesn't have a 64 bit CPU core out as yet, AFAIK. But Tegra3, :D

So my wishlist for Tegra2 would be,

1. Dual core ARM Cortex A9 with NEON at 2GHz (it'll be fun to write an vector backend for eigen on ARM)
2. 9400M GPU
3. hardware accelerated video decode for H.264, VC1, MPEG-4, DivX
4. 2GB RAM
5. minimum 6 hour battery life while playing 1080p HD video
6. nVidia supporting Chrome OS on it. (Let's hope Chrome OS will come with some nice hacking tools with it too, or atleast there will be some community support around building distributions that allow hacking it.)

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