Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to screw the Avatar 3D experience and alienate customers

How exactly might one go about doing that? After all, it is a James Cameron's MASTERPIECE, which will redefine CGI forever, a worthy sequel to Titanic.

Here's how Odeon, Connaught Place, a proud member of Anil Ambani's empire went about it.

You have a cinema screen with totally screwed up contrast ratio, color range that makes ugly cam prints look good and a sound system worse than a cheap pair of earphones.

And you charge people 200/300 bucks for it. Not to mention the 10x priced food to go with it.




Prashant said...

dude, skip food if you want to save, but some movies are to be watched in imax.

RPG said...

If only there was an IMAX in Delhi when I saw it...