Friday, February 19, 2010

Chromium begins to suck :(

I had no idea it will come so close to my praise for Chromium over Firefox. But it has happened.

I use the Chromium daily PPA for Ubuntu. And for a few days now, Chromium has been showing abnormally high CPU usage. It basically locks up a core, and when you have only a dual core machine, things get bad and ugly. The only saving grace is that I can shutdown chromium rather painlessly as usually, only one process is responsible for the CPU lockdown,.

My cribs against Firefox still stand, but a quirky browser is better than a useless browser.

Back to Firefox then, :|


Kashyap said...

For me, the lack of a nice download manager plugin is what prevents the switch. The usual complaints about cpu and memory don't apply. Although ff consistently uses over 600 mb ram (the pitfalls of x64) its still a fraction of 4gb. And I never notice cpu usage (yay! quad core)

The upsides imo:
1. Less painful to get flash 64 bit to run on chrome than on ff.
2. No proxy-prompt-bombs (waiting for ff 3.6 to become mainstream)

RPG said...

Well there will be no down them all for chrome anytime soon.

I suppose somebody will have to hack in the download manager at C++ level in the mean time. :|

RPG said...

The memory as such is not a big issue for me either, but the CPU usage is.

3.5 and later are much better in CPU usage as well, though they still have some catching up to do.

Also, is it Ubuntu policy not to provide non-bug-fix upgrades in the middleof a release cycle? The FF3.6 "becoming mainstream" seems like that to me.

Kashyap said...

Yes. Ubuntu often keeps a (very) old version of firefox, and keeps adding incremental (3.5.xx) upgrades to it. Generally the first 2 version numbers dont change.

ff 3.6 only in next release i guess.

If in the meantime you want better ff on ubuntu, you can always use the ppa: