Monday, March 22, 2010

x86-64 unsupported.

Sorry we don't support the X86_64 build environment (we never use it internally). An AMD employee, who presumably works on open64, in Dec 2009.

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.


./C said...

Alpha versions of Path64, the PathScale successor to Open64 have support for building the compiler itself as a pure 64bit binary. Testing for this is currently being done and open to anyone interested. It was a huge amount of work to do it correctly and I'm not surprised a benchmark centric would ever care. For us this was needed so we could support all the latest Linux distributions which are moving away from multi-lib. Currently we have two bugs to fix before we call it a beta release which is estimated around the 29th of March.



irc is the best place to get updates
#pathscale -

RPG said...


a) Thanks for your comments. I didn't know some of the better developers visited my blog. :)

b)I spent about 15 minutes googling for Path64. I couldn't find it. Where exactly is it?

c) I hope you are not counting me amongst the "benchmark centric" :P

d) Going forward, can I expect Path64 (assuming it is more than vapor) to be hosted in standard linux distro repositories?